PVC Coated Super Premium Welded Mesh (Seaplax) fencing for fishing industry, submarine uses, in harsh coastal or corrosive environments marine environment

PVC Coated Super Premium Welded Mesh (Seaplax)

Seaplax PVC fencing, plastic coated wire with rectangular or square-shaped mesh. The vertical and horizontal wires of the electro-welded mesh are both linear and made in zinc coated steel. Plastic coating is obtained through the exclusive sintering process Galvaplax Process created by Cavatorta. Thanks to the wide range of mesh sizes, Seaplax is suitable for multiple applications in residential, industrial and sports related sectors. Its performance is guaranteed for over 10 years if used in normal condition.

Welded wire mesh made from high tensile steel wire, witch is galvanized after welding and then coated with PVC using Cavatorta's exclusive Seaplax Process. This product is made to the highest standards to meet the demands of various marine applications. These include lobster and crab pots, fish traps and aquaculture. Seaplax products are designed especially for use in submarine, harsh coastal or corrosive environments.

Seaplax PVC is extremely flexible, cold crack and impact resistant at low temperatures. The marine duty coating is able to withstand continuous immersion in chemical and salt water. Seaplax has superior abrasion resistance, retains its physical properties and colour during exposure to severe weather conditions and has excellent resistance to UV light. Other sizes available upon request.