PVC Coated Wire Welded Mesh Security Fence (Masterplax) fencing for security, residential, industrial, agricultural fences

PVC Coated Wire Welded Mesh Security Fence (Masterplax)

Masterplax security fence is a welded wire mesh fence with either a rectangular or square shaped mesh. Masterplax security fence is PVC coated before manufacture, from leading European manufacturers Cavatorta is ideal for domestic, industrial, gardens and sports facilities. The security fence welded wire mesh offers a good resistance to corrosion. PVC coated security fence offers a cost effective security deterrent while maintaining a high level of security.

Fencing made from electro-welded zinc and plastic-coated wire with square shaped mesh. The vertical and horizontal wires of the electro-welded mesh are both linear and made in zinc coated steel. The zinc coating is obtained through Galvafort Process created by Cavatorta. Plastic coating is obtained through the exclusive sintering process Galvaplax Process which uses non-toxic and non-pollution PVC powders. Its performance is guaranteed for over 10 years if used in normal condition. Masterplax fencing mesh is produced in rolls of 25 m and is sold on pallets wrapped in protective recyclable polyethylene film.

Masterplax easy to use and assures high performance. The depth of welding spots, purity of the zinc-coated wires produced by the "Galvafort Process" and the quality of the plastic coating by the "Galvaplax Process", acts to protect wire and the welding spots from corrosion, thus making the product better than any other security fence on the market.