Moncaster Manufacture Wholesale High Quality Wire Fencing Solutions

Moncaster has been established for over 30 years as part of a European leading manufacturer, The Cavatorta Group, with factories in Italy, France and Romania. Cavatorta have expanded since their beginnings, with subsidiaries in Great Britain, Portugal and The United States.

Our Vision

Cavatorta and Moncaster Wire Products deliver high quality wire mesh and fencing systems, manufactured in Italy and other countries, produced using high quality and eco-sustainable raw materials and production processes. Through dedicated co-operation, our management and staff, passionately work at achieving long-lasting relationships with all our customers.

Our Mission

Constantly reconfirming ourselves as a leading European manufacturer of wire fencing, protection and fencing systems, we are entirely focused on the market and the fulfilment of customer satisfaction through both our products and services provided.

Cavatorta and Moncaster Wire Products not only prides itself on its great production but also as a supplier to all industrial and commercial businesses.

Our Strategy

Cavatorta is a worldwide company.

From leaders of the Italian markets and frontrunners in Europe, Cavatorta have become competitors on a global scale in the field of wire mesh fencing systems. The principles underpinning our drive to get ahead and compete in the worldwide market;

  • A systematic research of expansion in all markets where Cavatorta is still not present, through customers or local partners in order to gain a solid representation in other markets where Cavatorta are not currently present.
  • In order to better answer to the particular demands of each market, our aim is to highlight our wide range of high quality products, thanks to our high production levels and customer service which is the Cavatorta way.
  • To increase and introduce new correlated products of wire fencing systems based on the close relationships with other high quality Italian manufacturers.

Therefore, it is not a simple strategy of products/markets, but the ability to adapt to the peculiarities of each available market.

Moncaster factory in Louth Moncaster Wire Products HQ in Louth Lincolnshire Moncaster Wire Products