Galvanized Wire Welded Mesh (Agrisald) fencing for residential, commercial, construction and agricultural projects

Galvanized wire welded mesh fencing (Agrisald)

Agrisald is an economical pre-galvanised electro-zinc coated wire which offers a good corrosion resistant protective zinc coating, strong weld points and a regular and uniform weld mesh. This pre-galv weld mesh is manufactured in Europe to full UNI-EN standards. Ideal for building, industrial, agricultural, breeding and DIY sectors.

The vertical and horizontal wires are both straight and hot dipped galvanized. Mainly used in building, industrial, agricultural and breeding applications.

Agrisald is sold in 25m rolls on pallets wrapped in recyclable polyethylene film. The most important qualities of Agrisald are: corrosion resistant protective zinc-coating, strong weld points, regular and uniform meshes, smoothed edges for safer handling and guaranteed roll weight and length.

The reinforcing mesh for plaster Electro welded mesh in galvanised wire, rectangular shaped mesh. The use allows for an effective reinforcement of both vertical and horizontal thin plaster. This product is sold in 50 m rolls, on pallets of 15 rolls each, wrapped in a protective polyethylene recyclable film.