High Tensile Stock Fence (Nodafort)

High tensile hinged joint stock fence is the ideal solution for fencing farms, highways and railroads. It is made of heavy galvanized high tensile steel for added strength. Meets British and European Standards. Knotted fencing with differentiated mesh. The vertical (cross) and horizontal (line) wires of the mesh are made in zinc coated steel obtained through the exclusive Galvafort Process created by Cavatorta, supplied by Moncaster in the UK. For use in agricultural and zoological sectors.

Galvanized Wire Welded Mesh (Agrisald)

Agrisald is an economical pre-galvanised electro-zinc coated wire which offers a good corrosion resistant protective zinc coating, strong weld points and a regular and uniform weld mesh. This pre-galv weld mesh is manufactured in Europe to full UNI-EN standards. Ideal for building, industrial, agricultural, breeding and DIY sectors. The vertical and horizontal wires are both straight and hot dipped galvanized. Mainly used in building, industrial, agricultural and breeding applications.

Core Mesh - Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh Fencing (CWM)

Great economy weld mesh product for the DIY sector, using a hot dipped method of galvanising which is applied to the mesh after manufacture. Other names/uses: Twillweld - Aviary Mesh - Rabbit Mesh - Small Dog run mesh - Cage/Hutch Mesh - General Pest Control including Fox, Pigeon, Starling and Squirrel Control.

Core Super Premium Wire Netting (Super Prime CWN)

Super premium heavily galvanised hexagonal wire netting provides an effective solution for controlling rabbits. Using a hot dipped method of galvanising applied to the mesh after manufacture. For use in industrial, construction, agricultural sectors. The torsion of the wires and the hexagonal mesh together with the excellent quality standards and increased thickness of the zinc coating, gives our hexagonal fencing exceptional durability and malleability.