Red Brand Rigid Stay Horse Fence (Non-Climb)

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Redbrand Non Climb Horse Fence is a specially designed wire fence for the equine fencing market. With the unique square deal knot and superior rigid stay strength and narrow non-climb mesh pattern designed to withstand the most vigorous of equine antics with ease. Red Brand Non-Climb Horse Fence stands up to the challenge of providing a long lasting enclosure to keep your horses safe and healthy. Strong, 50mm x 100mm ( 2" x 4") mesh prevents frightened or fighting horses from stepping through, walking down, or getting over the fence. Plus, it flexes on impact, preventing injury to horse or fence Overall Height (mm): 900 Mesh Size (mm): 50 x 100 Top & Bottom Wire Gauge (mm): 3.4 Filler Gauge (mm): 2.5mm Roll Length (mtr): 50 Average Weight per Roll (kg): 68.60 Material: Galvanised Compliance with British and European Standards BSEN 10244 - Steel Wire and Wire Products Non-ferrous Metallic Coatings on Steel Wire part 2 - Zinc or Zinc Alloy Coatings to class A. Available Quantities Each: 1 Pallet: 8 Health and Safety It is recommended that safety gloves, boots and glasses are worn at all times when handling the product.