Arcoplax - Decorative Garden Fence

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Product Details

PRODUCT DETAILS: Arcoplax decorative garden fencing is an eye catching garden fence with a green PVC coated finish over a hot dip galvanised wire in various styles. Arcoplax decorative garden fencing features arched vertical wires and the entwined pairs of horizontal wires are zinc coated steel.

  • HEIGHT: 250mm - 900mm
  • LENGTH: 10m
  • PALLET QTY: ARCO25010 - 80 rolls; ARCO40010 - 60 rolls; ARCO65010 - 40 rolls; ARCO90010 - 20 rolls (however all sizes sold separately)
  • OTHER SPECS: Decorative garden fence from leading European manufacturers, Cavatorta is regularly used in the residential and gardening sectors. High quality fencing with the best price/quality relationship for gardens and flowerbeds available in prime and budget options. Arcoplax decorative garden fencing gives a harmonious aesthetic appearance which integrates perfectly with flowerbeds and gardens.
  • CODE: ARCO (prefix)